Background Thoughts

At the beginning of 2018, a self-motivated social worker Mr. Md. Habibur Rahman founded Community Social Work Practice & Development Foundation along with few of his friends and young graduates voluntarily with a view to address the existing community issues towards bringing expected social changes. CSWPD Foundation is completely a non-profit and non-political organization. The founder is basically a social work academician and practitioner at the same time. His vision is to uphold social work across the social science discipline and identify social work as a profession in Bangladesh. They also identified that the problem is more social and political than economical. In this organization, they endeavored to find the importance of community social work & development. This organization work with other foundation to build up communication and work together as a team to contribute to society for social development & social change. It helps to improve the standard of how can create a network between a different social organization in our country. The main purpose of work is economic development and community empowerment, based on principles of community participation, self-help, integration, community organizing, and capacity building. This study aims to increase employment opportunities for social workers.

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WSWD 2020 : 3rd International Conference

“Enhancing Human Relationship, Social Capital and Community Sustainability”

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